Love ALL of Me
50"x28"x18", steel rod, cast aluminum and hypertufa, 2017
"Tenuous Legacy"
13"x19"x8", cast aluminum, hypertufa and fiber, 2015
"Tenuos Legacy 2"
56"x25"x15", cast aluminum, hypertufa, steel and fiber, 2015

Merit Award, Oakwilde Sculpture Ranch, 2015
The Book of Life is Inscribed with Incoherent Riddles
9"x7"x6", cast aluminum and porcupine quill, 2015
48"x13"x7", cast aluminum, hypertufa, steel and found objects, 2015
11”x20”x17”, aluminum and found object, 2013
"F…it, I am Putting Myself Together and Going On"

17”x17”x32”, aluminum and steel, 2012
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